Transfer iPhone, iPod to PC easily.
iPod PC Transfer. Copy music from iPod to PC, Copy videos from iPod to computer, Transfer playlists to iTunes, Transfer iPhone to PC
iPod PC Transfer
Transfer music, playlists and photos from iPod to PC with one click.
iPhone Backup Broswer - 3.6
View and extract Messages, Contacts and more from iPhone, iPad backups and iCloud.
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iPhone Backup Broswer
iPhone PC Transfer
iPod PC Transfer
iPod PC Transfer Photo
IPT iPod Video Converter
3 steps from iPod to PC
iPhone, iPod to PC Quick Start
How to copy music from iPod to PC
How to export pictures from iPod to PC
Extract iPhone backup
iPod PC Transfer
iPod PC Transfer

iPod PC Transfer is the most easy to use all-in-one tool that can help you to transfer music, videos, books, playlists, ringtones and more from iPhone to PC, iPod to PC and also sync to iTunes library.
- 9 years you can trust. Support all iPod, iPhone and iPad!
- Copy the music and videos from iPod to PC .
- Copy the music, videos, books, ringtones from iPhone to PC.
- Transfer the playlists, songs, videos from iPod to iTunes library.

Why choose iPod PC Transfer?
We all know that iTunes can only sync music & videos from computer to iPod/iPhone in one direction. So, if your PC crashed, or you lost music in your PC, how can you restore your music, playlists and videos from the iPod or iPhone?
iPod PC Transfer can help you! Click here to read more.
It's powerful, super fast and EXTREMELY easy to use, it's the only tool which works for all type of iDevice from old iPod Classic, iPod Nano to latest iPhone 6s, and all all version of iTunes. It will restore all your music including playlists and playcounts etc. from any iPod to PC easily. Try it yourself!

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iPod PC Transfer Photo
iPod PC Transfer photo

Want to copy the photos from your iPhone or iPod to PC?
iPod PC Transfer Photo is the most powerful and easy to use tool that transfer the photos or pictures from iPad, iPhone and iPod to PC. No matter if you have selected or not selected "include full resolution photos" before, iPod PC Transfer Photo can always extract the highest quality photos from iPod internal photo database easily.

Why choose iPod PC Transfer Photo?
It is the only tool that you can find, which supports both iPod, iPad and iPhone with photo preview, photo resolution auto detection and photo album transfer features.
With resolution auto detection feature, iPod PC Transfer Photo can always export the highest quality photos saved in your iPod, iPad or iPhone to PC. Click here to read more.
It has very fast speed and EXTREMELY easy to use. Supports all type of iPod series, all models of iPad, iPhone with all version of iOS. Try it yourself!

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iPhone Backup Browser
iPhone Backup Broswer

iPhone Backup Browser provides an easy and completed solution to preview and extract contacts, messages, call history, notes, voicemails and more from your iPhone backups.
It supports all type of iOS device such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can easily view and restore the data from your local iTunes backups. Including the pictures, messages and other files you deleted in the iPhone by accident. Click here to read more.

Why choose iPhone Backup Browser?
Please consider following unique features:
+ Fast speed and really easy-to-use.
+ Can extract encrypted backup which has password protected !
+ Quick preview contacts, messages including MMS pictures etc. just like in your iPhone.
+ Support iCloud, you can download your backups from iCloud and view them even without iPhone connected.
+ Export files and data in HTML, CSV, VCards instantly .

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